How it Works

The Muscle Muffle is designed to be an easy to use Muffle that is comprised of three different parts, the 2 outer u shaped muffle pieces, and the center rail which are actually 4 rails. The Muscle Muffle was originally designed to work with a flat miking system which gives a nice low end tone to bass drum, but External miking systems can also be used through a sound port.

As you can see the Muscle Muffle is capable of being assembled outside of bass drum and inserted, which can be done if there are no internal mics, by removing drum head and inserting into place, and replacing drum head. The MuscleMuffle can be assembled inside the bass drum by removing one of the heads and taking one of the u muffle pieces off, and inserting it through the internal miking system without having to remove it. Then slide the other half into position and fasten it by sliding the rails into slots. When Muffle is assembled in bass drum and centered, you can then re-attach drum head, tune, and you are READY TO ROCK.


  • Provides an effective means of controlling unwanted overtones from a drum’s batter and resonant heads
  • Gives the drum a more focused sound
  • Provides a more practical alternative to muffling a bass drum with a blanket, pillow or foam sheet
  • Ideal for use in live performances, as well as in studio/ recording applications


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  • The item consists of two identical components each consisting of a low, curved or “U-shaped panel of dense polyurethane foam
  • Attached to the outer surface of each curved panel would be a softer panel of urethane foam, which would feature a three-dimensional “egg crate” pattern
  • To install, a drummer would simply connect the two curved panels using the incorporated cross members
  • Once the unit was assembled, he could remove the resonant head from his bass drum and insert the device into the drum so its far curved panel touched the lower interior perimeter of the drum’s batter head
  • He could then reapply the drum’s resonant head
  • Since the panels would touch the lower interior of both a bass drum’s resonant head and batter head, it would remove unwanted and often unpleasant overtones from the drum when it was struck